Ankita Deore

Lead software Engineer I at John Deere India Pvt. Ltd. (JDTCI)

Srinath worked with Ankita in the same Group

Srinath is a profound person when it comes to Dynamics 365 and Power Platform technologies. He has a problem solving attitude and he endeavors to understand the business problem thoroughly before coming up with the solution. He will be an asset to any team.

Ankita Deore

Jai Agarwal

Senior Consultant at EY GDS

Srinath worked with Jai in the same group

Srinath’s multitasking and multitalented is unlike what I have seen before. He is very active in sharing the latest technological updates through his channel, blogs, etc. that help keep the team up to date. He has made an applause-worthy contribution to project development. He is one stop for any type of technical help needed. I highly recommend his expertise to any person looking for Dynamics 365 developer and architect. He is one of the people that one can count on.

Jai Agarwal

Jason Gavin

Engineering Manager at John Deere

Jason worked with Srinath in different groups

Srinath has demonstrated a great propensity to better his skills through self-education and take that knowledge to help drive the success of others. His knowledge and skills, combined with a very positive attitude and energy are valued and appreciated by those he interacts with. Highly recommended!

Jason Gavin

Venkata Subbarao Polisetty

Microsft MVP | C# Corner MVP | MCT | Community Lead at D365 Champs | Dynamics and Azure Lead /Architect| Dynamics 365 CE | Power Platform | Speaker | Blogger

Venkata Subbarao worked with Srinath but at different companies

Srinath is an SME in D365 CRM components and Azure integrations as well as in DevOps. Any technical blockers will be unblocked by him in short time as he is such a tech savvy ,he will address them right away. For few complex implementations he did a phenomenal role in technical and architectural implementation.

Venkata Subbarao Polisetty[MCT]

Maina Mwangi

Product OwnerD365 Customer Engagement at Deere & Company

Srinath worked with Maina in the same Group

Srinath is Transparent, Confident and Authentic. A highly skilled D365 365CRM and Power platform technical developer and architect that also understand the sales and marketing business functions.

In the past 2 years of working with Srinath, he helped us transform and grow our D365CRM products while keeping us updated on the new upcoming D365 CRM release(s). He’s an advocate and a champion of only deploying supported and secure solution(s).If it’s not supported, it should not be in a solution!

His deep passion in D365CRM solutions can be seen through his training videos and sessions available online to educate, develop and train users in D365CRM communities. #D365 CRM deep learning, with a focus of delivering innovative solutions, building strong teams and achieving business results.

Maina Mwangi