Maina Mwangi

Maina Mwangi

Product OwnerD365 Customer Engagement at Deere & Company

Srinath worked with Maina in the same Group

Srinath is Transparent, Confident and Authentic. A highly skilled D365 365CRM and Power platform technical developer and architect that also understand the sales and marketing business functions.

In the past 2 years of working with Srinath, he helped us transform and grow our D365CRM products while keeping us updated on the new upcoming D365 CRM release(s). He’s an advocate and a champion of only deploying supported and secure solution(s).If it’s not supported, it should not be in a solution!

His deep passion in D365CRM solutions can be seen through his training videos and sessions available online to educate, develop and train users in D365CRM communities. #D365 CRM deep learning, with a focus of delivering innovative solutions, building strong teams and achieving business results.