Santa’s Elves Increase Productivity by 35% With the New Dynamics 365 Outlook App

Santa’s workshop has been running Dynamics CRM for several years.  Utilizing the legacy CRM for Outlook add-in had always worked well for them. Recently, however,  the Elves realized they needed an updated solution to better align with their new way of working and producing.

Because some elves who are not directly involved in toy production now work remotely — and some don’t even use a computer anymore — the traditional CRM Outlook add-in was no longer meeting the elves needs. As the CRM Outlook add-in was required to run on a Windows computer, the remote elves could not track their activities, unless they were running a computer with Outlook.

So when Santa signed off on the upgrade to Dynamics 365, one of the biggest wins for user adoption was the next generation Microsoft Dynamics 365 App for Outlook. Here are some of the reasons the elves and customers everywhere are loving the Dynamics 365 App for Outlook.

  • It works everywhere, including Outlook on Windows, Mac, phones, tablets, and Outlook Web Access (OWA). If you tried the CRM 2016 “lightweight” app, you may have had some authentication issues using it inside of certain versions of Outlook. The new version works well everywhere, without interruption.
  • No computer software installation is needed — which has always been the most painful part of any CRM upgrade. But now Dynamics 365 can be deployed and upgraded without having to do anything to the user’s computer. This means the IT department has lots of time freed up to think of other things to do, like taking up snow golf.
  • The new Outlook opens much faster, now that there are no add-ons required for installation.
  • The new Dynamics 365 App for Outlook can track emails, appointments, tasks, and contacts, so the elves don’t miss the great functionality of CRM for Outlook.


  • Remote workers can get their work done and track activities from their phones via the mobile Outlook app.
  • Users can insert email templates and knowledge base articles into emails directly from Outlook. So when children email Santa their wish lists, he can save time by inserting a “naughty” or “nice” email template into the email, with a KB article telling little Johnny how he can get on the nice list next year.


The next generation Dynamics 365 App for Outlook has made this year at the North Pole a little bit more holly and jolly.

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