How to Setup POP3/SMTP email configuration in Dynamics CRM


This blog explains how to Setup POP3/SMTP email configuration in Dynamics CRM.

Steps to be followed:

Step 1:  Create new Email Server profile.

a. Go to Settings –> Email Configuration –> Email Server Profile.

b. Click on + New –> POP3/SMTP server.

c. Fill Details in the form.

Name: Gmail

Incoming Server Location:

Outgoing Server Location:

Now Go in Advanced Tab and Provide this Port values for Incoming and Outgoing Port.

Incoming Port: 995 

Outgoing Port: 587

d. Save.

Step 2: Go to Email Configuration settings and then change Server Profile.

Step 3:

a. Go to Mailboxes.

b. Select the user for whom you want to activate.

d. Add following details.

  • Email Address: Enter your Gmail’s Email Address.
  • In Credentials Allow to use Credentials for Email Processing and Provide your Gmail User Name and Password.

d. Click on Approve Email

e. Click on Test & Enable Mailbox.


Due to hidden settings within Gmail that may be blocking connections from third party apps.


a. Make sure you access these links while logged into the Gmail account, and make sure they’re turned on/enabled.

b. After enabling again go to mailbox and Click on Approve Email and Test & Enable Mailbox.

c. Incoming and Outgoing Email Status is Success.

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