Dynamics 365 for Marketing | Episode -04 | Content Management | Files | Keywords | by Srinath Pega

Manage marketing content

Images, graphics and videos are important elements that enhance your marketing emails and marketing pages. In order to use these elements in your designs, you must first upload them to Dynamics 365, which also hosts the images and delivers them when contacts open an email or marketing page.

Upload images

Whenever you add an image element to a marketing page or email, you can choose to add an image that already exists in your Dynamics 365 database or upload a new one. After you’ve uploaded a file, it will be available for use in other designs. You can also upload images directly to the file library to be used in future marketing activities.

For security purposes, you are only allowed to upload the following supported formats: GIF, BMP, JPEG, PNG.

To upload a new file:

1.Go to Marketing > Marketing content > Files

2. Select + New or Upload

3. Drag one or more files in the Upload files window or select Add Files to use a file-browser window 4. To add keywords, click + Add keywords below the image name. Use the search feature or the magnifying glass to find keywords that have already been set up on the site. You can also create new keywords from here by clicking the + New icon.

5. When finished adding keywords, click Add.

6. Click Upload.

Manage keywords

Keywords make it easier to find your images later when you want to use them in content. Each time you upload a new image, you’re offered a chance to apply a keyword to it. You can also add or remove keywords from existing images by going to Marketing > Marketing content > Files.

To help keep your keywords under control, Dynamics 365 requires you to establish a list of specific keywords users can apply to their files. Users must therefore select keywords from a list rather than enter free text. This helps prevent users from applying competing ontologies and helps prevent typos.

To view and edit keywords:

1. Go to Marketing > Marketing content > Keywords.

2. Choose an existing keyword to edit or delete or choose + New from the command bar to create a new one.

3. Enter a Name for the keyword.

4. When finished, click Save & Close

Important: Be careful when editing or deleting keywords. If you edit an existing keyword, all existing files that use it will instead show the new value from now on. If you delete a keyword, it is simply removed from all files that use it.

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