Download Dataverse Development Tools with Power Platform CLI

Microsoft Power Platform CLI is a simple, one-stop developer CLI that empowers developers and ISVs to perform various operations in Microsoft Power Platform related to environment lifecycle, authentication, and work with Microsoft Dataverse environments, solution packages, portals, code components, and more.

In the previous blog learn to install Microsoft Power Platform CLI Extention to the Visual Code.

The developer tools that are needed for different aspects of Microsoft Dataverse code development

Open the Power Platform CLI Terminal

  1. Open the Visual Code.
  2. Click on the Power Platform Extention in the left pane.
  3. Click Ctrl+Shift+P to open the terminal.
  4. Select the Power Platform CLI: Show PAC Help

5. Shows the list of tools.

6. PAC Tool List

Configuration Migration tool(CMT)

Configuration Migration tool(CMT) Transport configuration and test data from one Dataverse environment to another Dataverse Environment.

7. Run the command to install the Configuration Migration tool(CMT).


8. Configuration Migration tool(CMT) is instaled and opend.

Package Deployer (PD)

Package Deployer (PD) is for deploying packages to Microsoft Dataverse environments where the packages contain solutions, custom code, HTML files, and more.

9. Run the command to install the Package Deployer (PD).


10. Package Deployer (PD) is installed and opened.

Plug-in Registration tool (PRT)

Plug-in Registration tool (PRT) is for Registers custom code (plug-ins, custom workflow activities), service endpoints, and more

11. Run the command to install the Plug-in Registration tool (PRT) .


12. Plug-in Registration tool (PRT) is installed and opened.

Hope you learn something, Thanks for Reading 📖!

Happy Power365ing!

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