Power Apps Portal #7 – Enable Multiple Language to Portal – Part-1


Today no business is not confined to a single region or a language. Business is sure to outgrow across the globe. A single portal can display content in multiple languages to reach customers irrespective of their geography around the world. The content of your portal can be translated into multiple languages while maintaining a single content hierarchy.

In this blog, you will learn step by step to Enable and add Multiple Languages to the Power Apps Portal.

Languages should enable both Dataverse Environment and Power Apps Portal.

Language Enable Dataverse Environment

  1. Go to Power Platform Admin Center.
  2. Select the Environment which one has the Power Apps Portal and click on settings.

3. Go to Products and Languages.

4. Click one Languages.

5. It will open the list of languages in the system, and select the language(selected Hindi) which one wants to the Power Apps Portal along with the default portal language.

6. Click on Apply.

7. It will take several minutes for enabling to the Dataverse Environment.

Language Enable Power Apps Portals

8. Go to Power Apps Maker Portal.

9. select the environment where the Power Apps Portal is provisioned.

10. Click on the Apps on the left pane, and Open the Portal Management App.

11. Portal Management App Open the website.

12. On Website from under General to and scroll down to the Supported Languages sub-grid Section.

13. Click on the New Website Language Button on the Sub-grid to add the language which we enabled in Dataverse Environment(Hindi – India).

14. Change the Publishing Sate to Draft To Published.

15. Click on Save & Close.

16. Now we can able see to change the language for the Portal on the Navigation bar.

Hope you learn something, Thanks for Reading 📖!

Happy Power365ing!

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