Power BI visualization of Dataverse date View In Model-Driven Apps


Power BI works with model-driven apps in Microsoft Dataverse to provide a self-service analytics solution.

Create reports in the Power BI service using the data that’s in a view of your model-driven app. Power BI automatically generates the visuals using Power BI quick report visualization on a table feature.

Enable Power BI visualization in Model-Driven Apps

  1. Go to Power Pltform Admin center and Selecte an Environmnet.
  2. Click on Settings.

3. Click on Products and Open Features.

4. Under Features, go to Embedded content.

5. Change the toggle to ON for Power BI visualization embedding and save the settings.

6. Now go to Power Apps Portal and open Model-driven App.

7. Select any Table on the Site Map, We can see the Visualize this view button on the ribbon to view the report in Power BI.

8. Click on the Visualize this view button it opens the Power BI report for that selected view in dialog form.

Power BI generates visuals of the data in your view, based on the view definition. That is, the filters acting on the view are automatically applied to the Power BI visualization. A subset of columns that are part of the view is used to auto-generate the Power BI visuals.

Enable Power BI Visualization in Model-Driven App

Edit the Model-driven App in edit in the preview.

Click on Settings and under the feature we can enable the Enable Power BI quick report visualization on a table (preview).

Make sure the Power BI visualization embedding feature is enabled at settings in the admin center.

Hope you learn something, Thanks for Reading 📖!

Happy Power365ing!

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