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Microsoft Power Pages

Microsoft Power Pages is a mix of new standalone technology, Microsoft announced in Build 2022. Power Pages is Part of the Microsoft Power Platform.

The development of pages will be done in the existing Power Portal and Portal Management.

The new designer, templates and new provisioning process are currently in public preview.

Power Pages extends far beyond Power Apps Portals capabilities to enable organizations of any size to securely build websites with exciting new features and advanced capabilities for customization with pro-developer extensibility.

Design Studio

The Design Studio makes it easy to design, style, configure and publish modern business websites. Start from scratch or use one of the ready-to-use templates to design your site pages

The new and enhanced design studio provides the following workspaces:

  • Pages workspace for creating, designing, and arranging webpages
  • Style workspace for applying styles and themes to your site
  • Data workspace for creating and modifying Microsoft Dataverse tables used in data-driven web applications
  • Setup workspace for administration and site management

Pages Workspace

This is a big upgrade to the existing portals Studio where you can add pages, add components like text, images, sections, lists, forms, etc. You now have a lot more capabilities and flexibility when designing your page layouts.

Makers can build powerful and engaging sites without writing a single line of code.

Style workspace

The Styling workspace lets you apply global site styles. You can apply corporate branding updates, and review the changes in the preview on the right side of the app window. Styling offers 13 preset themes. For each theme, you can customize the color palette, background color, font styles, button styles, and section margins.

You still have the ability to upload your own custom CSS, but I found for a “citizen designer” could make sites look a lot more professional.

Data workspace 

Data workspace, you can easily visualize and manage business data for the site with tables, forms, and lists. All the data and changes are stored in Microsoft Dataverse. You can create and edit tables for the site, and create new (or edit existing) model-driven forms and views.

Currently, in Power Apps portals, developers and makers go to Power Apps to create tables, fields, views, and forms. The Data workspace provides you with the ability to create your Dataverse assets directly in the design studio. The caveat is that at this time, these assets are not adding to a custom solution nor can define a publisher (my understanding is this is a roadmap item).

Setup workspace

Here is where you can configure your table permissions (which are enabled for any Dataverse enabled component by default) and configure authentication. Currently, there are placeholders for tools for enabling progressive web apps and configuring other sites/portal settings.

Hope you learn something, Thanks for Reading 📖!

Happy Power365ing!

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