Power Virtual Agents #6: Topic Creation for Conversation


Power Virtual Agents, a topic that determines how a bot responds to a question from a user. You can create topics by customizing provided templates, creating new topics from scratch or get suggestions from existing help sites.

Topics have Trigger Phrases and Conversation Nodes
Trigger Phrases: phrases, keywords, or questions that a user is likely to type that are related to a specific issue. You don’t need to be exact with trigger phrases – the bot can determine what the user meant (their “intent”) and match it to the right topic. The bot needs 5-10 trigger phrases.
Conversation Nodes: what you use to determine how a bot should respond and what it should do.

Topic Creation

  1. Go to https://powerva.microsoft.com/
  2. Select the bot and Environment from the top right corner.

3. Click on Topics from the left pane.

4. Click on New topic from the top ribbon.

5. Give the name of the topic and Click on Save.

6. Click on the Trigger phrases to add the triggers to Topic and Click on Save.

7. Add the conversation node to the trigger phrases and Click on Save.

8. Add Question Node to the bot, for selecting the Brands, Click on Save.

Test the Bot

Enter any Trigger Phrases in the message and click on send and the Bot will ask to select the Computer brand.

Hope you learn something, Thanks for Reading 📖!

Happy Power365ing!

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