Getting Started with Power Apps Portals

What is Power Apps Portals?

Power Apps Portals are external-facing websites, that allow users from both organization and outside organization to sign in to create and view data in Microsoft Dataverse.

Power Apps Portals are launched on October1, 2019, All Dynamics 365 Portals are now referred to as Power Apps Portals.

Power Apps Portals Creation

  1. Go to Power Apps Maker Portal.

2. For Create an App from Screach, Click on Blank App.

3. Opens the popup to create an App from Blank for Canvas App, Model-Driven App and Power Portals.

4. Select the Blank Portal website and Click on Create.

4. Portal is asking Name of the Portal (SPEGA Technologies), Protal Site Address (SPEGA), website URL looks like “” in my case “” and Language is same as the Environment language.

5. Power Apps Portal ( SPEGA Technologies) is beging created, its takes 2-25 min to provision.

6. Power Apps will send an e-mail the status of Power Apps Provisioning.

7. Power Apps Portals send an e-Mail once provisioning is done.

8. Now go to Power Apps Make Portal and Click on App in left pane. We can see the Power Apps Portal (SPEGA Technologies) and Portal Management Model Driven Apps will be created.

9. Once we click one Power Portal the web site will open in new tab as below.

Hope you learn, Thanks for raeding!

Happy Power365ing!

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