Introduction To Power Apps Portals WYSIWYG Design Studio

Microsoft Power Apps portals Studio is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) design tool that will allow portal makers to create and customize the Portal. It contains various options to add and configure web pages, components, forms, content and specify properties of portal components. Portals Studio is accessible from the Power Apps maker portal.

Open Portal Studio

Power Apps Studio is only open when Provisioned Power Apss Portals have in Microsoft Dataverse or Dynamics 365 Environment.

  1. Go to Power Apps Maker Portal.
  2. Select the the target environment by useing the environment selector in the upper right corner.

3. Select the Apps from the left pane.

4. Select your portal and click on (…)ellipse and click on edit.

This procedure will launch the Studio, where makers can begin creating web pages and adding static and dynamic content to the portal.

1Command BarCreate a new webpage from an existing Template.
Delete webpage components.
Display the Autosave status.
Sync configuration with updates from Dataverse.
Clear cache and browse the website to view the Current Page.
2ToolbeltNavigate the site hierarchy and organize web pages.
Add components to the web pages such as section layouts and Content components.
Enable custom CSS themes.
View and select Portal Templates to edit.
3Canvas Workspace to arrange, add and edit the components on the webpage.
4FooterProvides the hyperlink to open source code and edit the current web page.
5Properties paneProperties of selected components on the current web page and Settings of the components properties.

All additions, configurations, and updates that are done through the portals Studio will update portal metadata in Dataverse.

Note: Portals Studio will automatically save configuration updates to Dataverse as the maker tabs off a specific control. To ensure that all your updates are committed, check the autosave status on the command bar before browsing to preview the website.

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