Introduction Power Apps Portals WebPages

A webpage is identified by a unique URL in a website. It is one of the core objects of the website and builds a hierarchy of the website through parent and child relationships to other webpages.

The portals Studio command bar, select New page. You will be presented with a number of page layout choices. The choices that are available will depend on the portal starter template and any page templates that you might have added to the portal by using the Portal Management app.

  1. Edit the portal to open in Power Apps Portal Studio.
  2. The command bar, select New page and either choose a page from Layouts or Fixed layouts.

Note: If no fixed page layouts are visible when adding webpages in the portals Studio, they can be added using the Portal Management app.

3. After you have selected a layout, the page will appear on the canvas and the webpage properties will be available to edit in the Properties pane. The maker can define the webpage name, partial URL, and template.

4. The right pane will have Properties of the Web Page.

  • Name: Name of the page. This will used as the title of the page.
  • Partial URL: The URL path used to build the portal URL of this page.
  • Template: Page template used to render this page on the portal.

5. The webpages you create are added and their hierarchy are displayed in the Pages and navigation pane. To view the this pane, select Pages and navigation from the Toolbelt.

6. The Primary Menu on the website is created automatically based on the hierarchy of the webpages. It is called the Default menu.

Manage Web Page

Select Page and navigation from the Toolbelt on the left pane, Click one the ellipsis(…) the page want to manage or you can right click on the page want to manange. We can see actions to manage the Web page.

Hide in default menu A weblink record (menu option) will not be displayed on the default navigation menu.
Add a child pageA new webpage can be added that is parented by the currently selected page.
Move upMoves up the webpage in the sitemap.
Make subpageMakes the currently selected page a child page of the page that is directly above it in the site map.
Promote subpageMoves up the webpage in the hierarchy and makes a sibling of its former parent page.
DeleteDeletes the webpage.

Hope you learn something, Thanks for Reading 📖!

Happy Power365ing!

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