Power Apps Portals #6- Work With Text component


Power Apps Portal we have a Text Site Component to add the static text to the Web Page.

Adding the Text Component To Web Page:

  1. Go to Powr Apps Maker Portal.
  2. Open the Power Apps Portal in edit mode in Portal Studio.
  3. Select the Web Page which wants to add text components.

4. Select the section on the web page where we wanted to add the Static Text. and Click on the + icon on the Toolbelt (Left Pane).

5. click one text component it will add to the Web Page of the selected Web Page section.

6. Add the text to the component.

7. We can format text as well. like bold and italic to the test.

8. Right pane shows the Properties of the Components.

9. Two Properties for the text Component.

  • Alignment: Select whether the text must be left, center, or right aligned.
  • Font color: Select a color for the text.

Hope you learn something, Thanks for Reading 📖!

Happy Power365ing!

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