Power Apps Portal #10- Disable Redirect Profile Page after successful sign-in


Power Apps Portal redirects the user to the profile page after successful sign-in.

In this blog step by step demonstration of disabling redirect from Profile Page to Home Page on the successful sign-in.

Disable Redirect to Profile Page

  1. Got Power Apps Maker Portal.
  2. Select the Environment where the portal is provisioned and Click on the Apps on the left pane.
  3. Open the Portal Management Model-Driven App.

4. Click on Site Settings Click on site Map.

5. Search the ” Authentication/Registration/ProfileRedirectEnabled ” site settings records.

6. Now click on the site settings record of the portal which we want to disable the redirect profile page on successful sign-in.

7. Update the site settings record. and chnage the value field to false (By default the value field is true).

8. After updating the site settings record the field value to false, On successful sign-in Power Apps redirects to Home.

Hope you learn something, Thanks for Reading 📖!

Happy Power365ing!

2 thoughts on “Power Apps Portal #10- Disable Redirect Profile Page after successful sign-in

  1. Hello Srinanth, thx for the explanation. I appreciate 🙂
    Question: do you have any idea how to achieve flowing flow?
    First time login ‘Profile page’ else a specific page.
    Thanks in forward.


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