Power Apps Portal #11- Enabling Terms and Conditions for Authenticate User


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a legal act of the European Union (EU), which protects data for all individuals within the EU. With GDPR, people can control the use of their personal data in Microsoft Datavers.

Microsoft Power Apps Portal can also establish terms and conditions that users must agree to in order to who use your portal to meet the GDPR standards.

Enabling Terms & Conditions

  1. Go to Power Apps maker Portal.
  2. Select the Environment where the portal is provisioned and click on the Apps on the left pane.

3. Click one Portal Management Model-Driven App, App will open in a new window.

4. Click on site Settings on the site map.

5. Now search for “Authentication/Registration/TermsAgreementEnabled” in the Site Settings.

6. Open the “Authentication/Registration/TermsAgreementEnabled” site settings record.

7. Change the record value to true (By default false) and Click on Save & Close.

Authentication/Registration/TermsAgreementEnabledA true or false value. If set to true, the portal will display the
terms and conditions of the site. Users must agree to the
terms and conditions before they are considered
authenticated and can use the site. By default, this is set to

Customize the Terms & Conditions

Now we need to update the content snippets control to display the Terms & conditions on the screen. We can change it according to the business needs.

  1. Click on Content Snippet under the content group on the site map.

2. Search for “Account/Signin/TermsAndConditionsCopy” and open the record.

3. Now add the Terms & Conditions message under Value (Rich Text editor). and Click on Save & Close.

4. Now go to Power Apps Portal (https://srinathpega.powerappsportals.com) and click on sign-in.

5. Click on the Google Authentication Service Provider.

6. Now open the Terms & Conditions Agreement screen and without agreeing to the Terms & Conditions it won’t allow sign in to Power Portals.

7. Select the I agree to these terms and conditions and click on Continue.

8. Now It will navigate the profile page by default, If Disable Profile Page redirects Profile Page ( Disable Profile Page redirects Profile Page ), It will Navigate the Home page of the Power Portal.

Account/Signin/TermsAndConditionsHeadingTextTerms and Conditions
HTMLTerms & conditions Message
TextI agree to these terms and conditions.

Hope you learn something, Thanks for Reading 📖!

Happy Power365ing!

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