Dynamic AD User Group adding User


Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) group membership based on user or device properties with rules. Dynamic membership is supported for security groups and Microsoft 365 Groups. The Group membership rule is applied user and device attributes are evaluated for matches with the membership rule. When an attribute changes for a user or device, all dynamic group rules in the organization are processed for membership changes. Users and devices are added or removed if they meet the conditions for a group.

In the previous blog, we learn how to create the Dynamic AD security Group for users https://srinathpega.com/2022/11/30/dynamic-group-in-azure-active-directory/.

In this blog will see how to add users to the Dynamic Ad Group

Creating the User In Microsoft 365 Portal

  1. Go to https://entra.microsoft.com/

2. Click on the users to add the user.

3. Click on New user to create the user.

4. Give the user name, First and Last Name.

5. Give the Department name CE.

6. Click on create to create the user.

7. Open the user.

8. We can see that the user is part of One Security Group.

9. Click on Groups from the left pane.

10. The user is added to the Dynamic AD Group automatically.

11. Open the AD group and see the members.

Hope you learn something, Thanks for Reading 📖!

Happy Power365ing!

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