Project Operations #5: Bookable Resources Skills and Roles

Resources Skills are resource characteristics that are shared between Dynamics 365 Project Operations and Dynamics 365 Field Service.

Resources Roles are Bookable resource categories that let’s group bookable resources by type. For example, you can create categories like technician, supervisor, subcontractor, vehicle, or equipment.

In the previous blog, we have seen the creation of bookable resources from dynamics 365 users.

In this blog will learn the Resources Skills and Resources Roles of the bookable resources

Resources Skills and Roles

  1. Open the Project operation environment.
  2. Open the Project Operation Model Driven App.

3. Change the site map from Projects to Resources.

4. Click on the Resources table under the Resources group on the site map.

5. Open the Bookable Resources to add the Skills and Roles.

6. Click on the Project services tab.

7. Click on the ellipse and Click on + New Bookable Ressource Characteristic to add Resources skills for the opened bookable Resources.

8. Opens the Quick Create: Bookable Ressource Characteristic pane.

9. Select the skill Characteristic of the Resource.

10. Click on save and Close.

11. Click On the ellipse on the Resource Role session and Select + New Bookable Resources Category Assn.

12. On the New Bookable Resource Category Assn form give the Resource category.

13. click On save and Close.

Hope you learn something, Thanks for Reading 📖!

Happy Power365ing!

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